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Go 'head call the cops! I'll pull out that Tech! Now Tanya havin' baby after baby she locked up And they all layin' 'round he on the L and he locked up. This 12'' Gauge'll knock a coward off his converse, hahaaa! Niggas know my style so they ease up off me Now. Eight-year-olds can be complete chatterboxes, but even given that, Garrett needs to fucking cool it with the never-ending fossil talk.

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Shut the Fuck Up

You can have it your way! Hot Nickel Ball on a Pussy. This 12'' Gauge'll knock a coward off his converse, hahaaa! It's my lil' nigga right here, right? Ayo blick they smoking Newports in the car man Fuck outta here man Alejandro what's popping man? Release Date September 23, Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

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